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The Lum Edwards Collection
by Old Time Radio Researchers Group
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INNER SANCTUM MYSTERIES The anthology series featured stories of mystery, terror and suspense, and its tongue-in-cheek introductions were in sharp contrast to shows like Suspense and The Whistler . The early 1940s programs opened with Raymond Edward Johnson introducing himself as, "Your host, Raymond," in a mocking sardonic voice. A spooky melodramatic organ score (played by Lew White) punctuated Raymond's many morbid jokes and playful puns. Raymond's closing was an elongated...
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Topics: OTRR, Old Time Radio Researchers Group, Old Time Radio, OTRR Single Episodes, Inner Sanctum...
Old Time Radio
by NBC Radio
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The Saint radio program, starring Vincent Price. All known existing shows from 1944-1951, plus three dramatized Saint novels. Repeated shows are included.
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Topics: OTR, Old Time Radio, The Saint, Vincent Price